People can choose between being good and evil. He didn’t have a choice. He didn’t have free will. He was made to be evil, but he’s not a villain. Bucky was as much a victim as the people the Winter Soldier killed. 

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the plot is really good


Jensen Ackles, credit to {x}


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"I brake for birds. I rock a lot of polka dots. I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. I spend my entire day talking to children. And I find it fundamentally strange that you’re not a dessert person, that’s just weird and it freaks me out. And I’m sorry I don’t talk like Murphy Brown and I hate your pantsuit. I wish it had ribbons on it or something to make it just slightly cuter. And that doesn’t mean I’m not smart and tough and strong."

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Loves is an amazing thing, it’s a propellant, it keeps us moving.

"Fuck, shit, asshole, bollocks, bitch, fuck, mother hubbard… Good, thank you, I feel much better."

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this is never going to not be funny 



do you ever get mad because there’s so much wasted potential in characters and relationships and plotlines in some shows








sam ‘freed’ lucifer

but let’s not forget that the first seal was broken by dean

#oh and that cas opened the panic room for sam to go kill lillith even though he knew that doing that would raise lucifer #come on now guys lets not blame sam for everything

the apocalypse was a group effort


team free lucifer


*boss ass bitch plays in background*

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I think one of the amazing things about Spider-Man is that you don’t see skin color when he’s in the suit. You don’t see any religious beliefs. You don’t see any denominations. Everyone can project themselves into that suit. It’s incredibly powerful in that way. So of course I think it’s important that the openness, the casting, in terms of who could be Spider-Man, could be absolutely anyone. A hero is a hero, whether you’re a man, woman, gay, lesbian, straight, black, white or red all over — it doesn’t matter.


Here is Mads and Hugh’s message to the Fannibals at the panel today! They couldn’t make it :(



i wont let this video die

nobody should